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About the Election

Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Council

The Election

Carterton District Council received two nominations for Mayor and 14 nominations for Councillor at the midday, 12 August deadline.

Carterton District Council is seeking to fill 9 vacancies at the 8 October Local Body elections.

The Council comprises one Mayor and eight Councillors (At Large, no wards). Council received enough nominations to proceed with the election.

The candidates profiles for Mayor and Councillors are available below, in ALPHABETICAL order.

Voting documents will be delivered between 16 and 21 September. Voting will be open between 16 September and 8 October. Candidates will be listed in RANDOM order on your voting papers.

Candidate Contacts

Contact information for Carterton District Council election candidates in Excel format.

Candidates for Mayor

Greg Lang
Greg Lang

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

With 25 years of driving community initiatives, 30 years as a business owner and 9 years as an elected member, I’m more driven than ever to seek re-election for the Mayoralty of Carterton District.

My key focus will be front footing impending change by leading a team that interacts, listens and runs good processes to realise community aspirations.

As we address reforms, it is essential that we are laser focused on building key relationships locally and regionally to get the best combined expertise, advocacy, resources, experience and energy.

I’ll be driving conversations across Wairarapa with community, business and tangata whenua on how our local governance can adapt to future challenges and enable communities to thrive.

Local government plays a critical role in making a difference to people’s lives and it is essential we are inspired by and support our community by making decisions that realise their aspirations.

Mark (2)
Ron Mark

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

Born in Carterton in 1954, I returned to Carterton in 2007.

Starting my career as an apprentice mechanic, I served the NZ Army for 15 years followed by 5 years with the Sultan of Oman’s Special Force, retiring as Major in 1990.

I served four terms as an MP and was elected Mayor of Carterton in 2010 and 2013.

Re-elected as MP in 2014, I entered Cabinet in 2017 as the Minister of Defence and for Veteran’s Affairs.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve Carterton again as Mayor at a time when I believe my leadership, experience and reputation as a strong advocate is vital given the challenges we are facing now.

I will champion Carterton District nationally because I know what Carterton has been and what it can be in the future.

I look forward to serving you again. Please contact me on 021 570 846 and

Candidates for Council

Grace Ayling
Grace Ayling

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I have a passion for strong and autonomous local communities.

I am a graduate of Victoria University with a degree in Political Science and Masters in International Relations, and have previously worked as a Parliamentary staffer for the local Member of Parliament, and as a NZME brands manager. I am currently the Engagement Manager for the Taxpayer’s Union.

With family links to Carterton going back three generations, my husband and I purchased our first home here, where we have a young family and own a local vineyard. I have ongoing connections with local farming and primary production.

Boulter (2)
Roger Boulter

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

A lot has changed in three years.

Mismanagement has come out on the Wastewater Treatment Upgrade and the Clocktower strengthening. I’m confident these issues are being dealt with well.

But the Three Waters Reform will remove a large chunk of Councils’ responsibility – raising questions about what a local Council is for.

The Three Waters Reform is not about water. It is about who controls and funds what. Except for roading, which gets about 50% government subsidy, almost everything your Council does falls on the rates bill. This must change.

Local people know their needs, and local staff are more accessible. Larger bodies are not more efficient. Your local Council’s services need to stay local, run by people who know you, people you can easily have a word with.

All my career I’ve worked for local Councils, some very large and some very small. I speak from experience.

Cherry Campbell (2)
Robyn Cherry-Campbell

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I am proud to stand for re-election, so I can continue to be a voice for our community and the unique vibrant district I am passionate about and committed to.

My experience in Governance and as a Financial Controller gives me sound knowledge when Council set and monitor strategies, policies, and budgets through the Annual and Long-Term processes.

Planning for the future is an area of focus for this coming triennium, ensuring intergenerational equity, resources and infrastructure that can support growth, (so we don’t just have growth for growth’s sake), and climate change mitigation are at the forefront of my decision making.

Being part of the Combined District Plan review means my voice, and that of our community, is heard.

I will continue to work and represent you to the best of my ability, as a committed TEAM player.  Together Everyone Achieves More!

Cretney (2)
Steve Cretney

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

Over the last triennium, I’m proud to say “I’ve listened to Ratepayers concerns”, shown integrity when asking difficult questions around the Governance table, sticking to my ethics and standing by my election statement “Ratepayers do have a Voice”.

With Government’s expedited push for change in many key areas, it is paramount we encourage our community to engage and participate more in future decision-making, ensuring residents are not just passengers in the process.

The proposed changes have reinforced my decision to stand again as your elected representative and I will make considered decisions, based upon accurate concise information, while continuing to push for transparency and responsible financial management.

I will ensure your views are again expressed through me, your elected representative on council. This can only happen though, if ratepayers take up the opportunity to vote!

Have your say and only choose candidates you feel are right to represent your community.

Deller (3)
Brian Deller

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I am a second term councillor of Carterton District Council and currently work as a sales manager.

I am running for council elections again as I feel I have more to contribute to the urban and rural community.

We have several mandated reforms from central government which will, and are already affecting our council.

We need to ensure as elected members we get the best possible outcome for our district as possible.

I would like to be part of a team that can ensure that our district rates are kept affordable and sustainable.

The council needs to be managed prudently. I am already involved in the future reforms and will do my upmost to ensure the changes in the future are the best possible Carterton can achieve.

Dugdale (2)
Ben Dugdale

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I returned to Carterton, with my family, in 2018 after a number of years in the north of New Zealand. As a winemaker by trade, I have worked in a number of regions both inside and outside New Zealand, but the Wairarapa is now our permanent home.

I have put myself forward for election to the council because I believe in local democracy, I also believe in responsible, reasonable, and reliable community representation.

I understand the role requires the ability to read and absorb large quantities of technical documents and make responsible decisions based on that information for the maintenance or improvement of local’s quality of life.

There is also a need to comprehend how central government legislation and policy impact on local communities and to advocate for the benefit and protection of Carterton.

Gallon (2)
Steve Gallon
My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

Born into a deeply entrenched Carterton family with a history of community service, I am now able to bring my experience, business acumen and community knowledge to benefit Carterton.

My working life has taken me to Carterton Borough Council, Wairarapa Stock Foods, sharemilking and over 40 years as owner of Tower Gates.

Younger family members are stepping up to take over our business, so I have time to serve the community.

The issues I will be standing on are water and sewage, roading and the planning for CBD upgrades with retail opportunity.

My forebears served Carterton as volunteers on council, Dalefield hockey club, the dairy industry, the development of East Taratahi training farm and the Catchment Board.

Like my family, I want to serve Carterton to recognise its potential and make it a positive force in the region.

Contact me: 02108130548 / to hear your views.

Greathead (2)
Jill Greathead

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

After 21 years as District Councillor, I continue to stand for rates affordability, protection for the environment and refreshing local democracy.

I advocate for affordable rates with a focus on core infrastructure and ensuring ratepayers understand how their money is spent.

As climate and pollution challenges emerge, strong community leadership is needed to encourage responsible protection of our natural environment, affordably and democratically.

Refreshing local democracy is vital as central government continues to overwhelm local government with reform and unfunded mandates.

Community strength and resilience result when hierarchies become partnerships, and power and control develop into a ‘spirit of service’.

As well as a passion for local democracy, I bring common sense, community understanding, and energy to drive change.

I want to understand what you want, ensure your voice is heard, and act in your best interests.

I’d love to hear your views, concerns and queries.

Phone 0274884376 /

Laurence (2)
Steve Laurence

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I am normally resident in Carterton District

I have run Almo’s Books in the High Street for almost 12 years since we came to Carterton to live on Mt Holdsworth Road. Prior to that I had a corporate career most latterly in finance and insurance.

In my time here I have been involved with the community as;

Past President and President elect of Carterton Rotary

Executive member and current Chair of Go Carterton, our business group and member of the Council’s Economic Development Advisory Group

Committee member of Wairarapa Word which runs monthly literary events and as Chair of the Carterton Creative Communities Committee

A member of the earthquake prone buildings group which was instrumental in publicising the issues now plaguing the High Street, and a member of the Mayor’s Town Centre task force.

If elected my focus will be on good governance and making Carterton an even better place to live with a thriving town centre.

Lissington (2)
Thomas Lissington

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I am standing for the CDC to improve the council’s contribution to this community.

With the current global crises and rising cost of living it is important to ensure that services are delivered efficiently to minimise costs to ratepayers but also that infrastructure is future-proofed to avoid burdening following generations.

I have experienced both the urban and rural lifestyles and find that living here we can have the best of both worlds.

Working as a supermarket checkout operator for many years, I have practical experience working with the public and know the importance of good customer service.

I hold a Masters degree in English Literature and have studied Public Policy, Small Business Management, Innovation and Commercialisation.

All these qualities provide me with a good foundation for understanding the workings of the council and how they can be improved and I will welcome your input in doing so. Thank you.

Odonnell (2)
Michael O’Donnell

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

We arrived in the Wairarapa 2008 building a passive-solar design house near Gladstone, moving into Carterton 2019.

We were attracted here by the friendly vibe, community spirit and laid-back town centre.  Subsequently the first lockdown with our new neighbours was a real bonding experience.

Having had a varied career from Catchment Board Civil Engineering followed by 30 years of starting and running two successful business, I have gained useful skills to offer the community; being the ability understand technical information and plans, analyse accounts and see the big picture.

Other aspects of my life include volunteering for VSA at 18.  I have served on many committees, currently aviation and gliding, instructing at Papawai, Hood and Kuranui College.

Now having recently retired I have time and energy to devote to this new role and can offer integrity, a willingness to listen and work collaboratively, and a sense of humour.

Newman (2)
Lou Newman

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

I am standing for our families and their future.

I am a mum of 4 young kids who is approachable and people-focused with a genuine passion for Carterton. I believe we can increase the community’s engagement with CDC through transparency and accountability, especially around rates issues. I’m results driven, efficient and genuinely care about our people.

I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo and will passionately go in to bat for the people of Carterton.

I will provide diversity and am committed to representing our community, especially youth and families, with a collaborative, long-term view.

I have been a Management Consultant, owner of a dog day-care and am currently the Coordinator for the Carterton District Business Association. I’m a member of the Montessori Charitable Trust, Carterton Kindergarten Committee and running for the Board of Trustees at South End School.

I am excited to work for you and your family.

Rogers (2)
Andy Rogers

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

My name is Andy and I have decided to run for council as I feel I can bring something different to what is on offer currently.

I want to bring a more proactive approach to community engagement instead of being reactive. I will do this through a multi-channel approach, different to what we residents see currently.

Through this I will be able to provide the right information to the residents of Carterton at the right time in a way that can be read and understood by all – to ensure we get the best possible collaboration and engagement behind the decisions we make.

I will have a door always open policy as I know our best thoughts don’t always fall in a 9 to 5 workday.

I hope you consider me for council in 2022 to bring some youth and transformation to your Carterton District Council moving forward.

Williams (2)
Dale Williams

My principal place of residence is in the Carterton District.

Elected to Carterton District Council in the April 2021 by- election, as promised I made an immediate impact, initiating the CDC governance review to ensure greater transparency, robust decision making, and public trust and confidence.

There are many changes and challenges ahead for local government, and Carterton needs Councillors with cool heads, clear thinking, open minds and common sense, to put in the time and work hard to make decisions that matter.

I bring extensive experience in business, local government, community service, governance and management, and representing communities and rural people, with a proven record of achievement and results.

I am accessible and available – being your Councillor is my full time role – I am practical, friendly and astute and am a straight up, no nonsense person with the time and ability to help drive Carterton district forward.

Please re-elect Dale Williams to Carterton District Council.