Camping Grounds

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 07:29pm

New Camping Grounds



All camping grounds must comply with the Camping Grounds Regulations 1985.

Here are the basic compliance requirements:

  • there will be specific space requirements for each site and the number of ablution, laundry, and kitchen facilities will be dependent on occupancy capacity
  • paths and sites must be well marked and lit
  • water must be available at specific space intervals, and facilities must be maintained in a tidy and clean condition
  • there must be active management of record-keeping, pest control, building maintenance, and cleaning practices

Registration is renewed each year from 30 June, or if the business changes hands.

When you are ready to open, contact the environmental health officer for an inspection and apply for a certificate of registration.

You may not open until registration has been made and the environmental health officer has approved the opening of the premises.


When the premises are ready to open:

Existing Premises

Camping grounds registrations must be renewed annually. Renewal forms will be mailed to premises prior to the expiry date of 30 June each year.

To ensure that the premises are operating correctly, camping grounds may be inspected by the Council’s environmental health officer throughout the year.

If you are buying existing premises notification of the change of ownership must be submitted to Council within 14 days of the change.