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This page guides your through the steps of the building consent process, and answers some common questions on the process.

Before you start, check out if you need a building consent.

Building consent process steps

    1. Lodge your completed building consent application including all required information, documentation and the lodgement fee.
    2. Your building consent application is processed during which further information may be requested.
    3. The council issues building consent (advising if resource consent required if not done previously). All actual processing charges must be paid before uplifting the building consent.
    4. Building work must commence within 12 months from the date the building consent was issued. Book building inspections required as indicated in the conditions document.
    5. Apply for a code compliance certificate when the building work has been completed. A final inspection will be required.

Consent process: Questions and answers

How long will it take to process my application?
We are required to process your application within 20 working days although we will try and get it done sooner if we can.

Iif we need to ask you for further information during the time we ae processing the ‘clock stops’ until you provide us with that information.

If that happens your application will take longer than 20 working days to process. We ask for further information when your application is not as clear as it could be. Therefore, it is important that your application is as detailed as possible and includes all the information we ask for.

What we are looking for is compliance with the Building Code and Building Act.

When we are satisfied that the proposed building work will do that we will grant the consent.

When will my consent be issued?
Once we are satisfied that the consent meets all of the required criteria the consent and/or PIM will be granted and issued. You (or someone nominated by you) will be advised that the building consent is ready to be picked up.

You will need to pay all outstanding processing charges before your building consent will be issued.

What are building consent conditions?
These are conditions imposed on the building consent to ensure compliance with certain requirements of the Building Act.

We will also indicate specific requirements relating to your building project that must be followed or adhered to during the construction of your project.

It is very important that you (and your contractors) read the building consent documentation to ensure you are clear about the requirements.

It will contain a list of inspections required to be undertaken by council staff during the building process, and a list of producer statements (if applicable) required from specialists (typically engineering disciplines). The identified specialists will be required to provide documentation of the inspections they undertake in support of their producer statement.

How long is my building consent valid for?
Work must start on your project within 12 months after the date the consent was issued.

If we have not done any inspections before then, we will send you a letter reminding you that work must be started and asking if you intend to proceed with the work. You may decide that you will not do the work, in which case the consent will lapse, or you may apply for an extension of time to start the work. An extension of time to start work may be granted in some circumstances after we have reviewed the building consent file.

If we do not hear from you within the stated time, or an extension is refused, the consent will lapse. This means that a new consent would have to be applied for and issued before any work can be carried out.

Building Consent Authority [BCA]

The Building Consent Authority [BCA], part of Council, screens proposed building work to ensure buildings are safe, people’s health and wellbeing is considered, and the design and construction promote sustainable development.

The BCA grants or refuses certificates [e.g. building consents or Code Compliance Certificates] to people wanting to undertake building work or who have completed building work under a building consent.

All building work requires a building consent unless it comes under exemption.

A building consent is confirmation that the proposed building, plumbing, drainage and safety requirements comply with the Building Code.

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