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Last updated: 17 Mar, 2023 01:22pm

Steam Excursion

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2022 Steam

Steam Excursion

  • 10.40am: Steam Train arrives in Carterton
  • 10.50am: Departs Carterton
  • 11.15am: Arrives Masterton
  • 12.50pm: Departs Masterton
  • 1.15pm: Arrives Carterton
  1. Tickets $24.00 + booking fee
  2. Tickets all one price no half fares or discounts available.
  3. Children up to 3yrs may travel “free on an adult knee” NOTE: only one child per knee allowed.
  4. The layover at Masterton is 1hr 40 minutes  (100 minutes) this is necessary to detach the locomotive allow it to travel through Masterton rail yard to the turntable to be rotated to point South for the return to Carterton and re-attach it to the carriages. There will be some food vendors at Masterton station for passengers.
  5. Parents with an “active” child (in the 3yrs category) may like to purchase a ticket for them. Parents may also benefit from taking a favourite book or game to amuse little people while waiting.
  6. Face Masks required as per Public Health Travel recommendations.
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Back & Better in 2023

Save the Date: Sunday September 10th !

The Carterton daffodil festival is back and Wairarapa could not be happier!

Everyone’s favourite attractions from daffodil picking at the historic Middlerun farm, to the steam train excursion, the High Street market, and street performers will be back in action attracting over 10,000 visitors to the district.

This is one of the town’s biggest days with community groups and businesses coming together to ensure the town is at its most beautiful.

What’s On?

Festival planners from many community groups have been in full swing behind the scenes ensuring the day is a success for all.

This festival is the jewel in the crown for the Wairarapa and one of the longest-running festivals in the region’s history – and we can’t wait to see you!

Street Party

Visit Carterton

Check out www.cartertonnz.com for great ideas for places to shop, eat, stay, and explore.


Get Involved!

Want a market stall?

  • Contact Grant & Heather at smithspread@xtra.co.nz

    Need to arrange food stall certification?

    • Contact Kathy Dhamodharan at kathyd@cdc.govt.nz

      General enquiries and information

      • Jenny Gasson,  jenny@cdc.govt.nz


      Will the Metlink trains still operate per their timetable?

      Yes. Visit the Metlink website for times.

      Note: You will need to purchase Metlink tickets for Metlink trains.

      Daffodil Express Train tickets do NOT apply to Metlink trains.

      Where can we park in Carterton?

      Be aware there will be limited parking in Carterton on Sunday September 11th. And when you do park, you can expect to do a little walking. Where possible catch public transport, carpool or get dropped off.

      PLEASE follow and adhere to ALL No Parking signs. There are in place for safety and for event access.

      What roads are closed in Carterton during the event?

      The following road closures will apply during Daffodil Festival:

      • Between High Street and William Wong Place. Road Closed.
      • Holloway Street. From High Street to Dixon Street intersection. Road Closed
      • Memorial Square. From Park Road entrance around to exit on High Street. Road closed.
      • Masson Street. From Broadway to Stubbs Service Lane intersection.
      • Nelson Crescent from Holloway Street to number 30 / car-park area.
      • SH2 / High Street South and North from Pembroke Street to Park Road.

      Road closures will be in place from 6am through to 6pm, Sunday 11th September.

      Are there buses to get to the daffodil picking? How much, where and when?

      Free buses will be running throughout the day between Carterton & Middlerun for the daffodil picking – first bus departs at 10am.

      Buses will depart from Masson Street, Carterton. All buses will take passengers out to the rural Gladstone property, and return to Broadway (outside Kings Woodworking).
      Buses will depart from 10am, throughout the day and are completely FREE.

      Just wait at Coopers Farm Services, on Masson Street and jump on the next available service.
      Daffodil picking will cease at 3:00pm.

      Can we drive out to Middlerun?

      NO! For safety reasons please do NOT drive your vehicle to Middlerun for the daffodil picking. There is no space to park and you will be faced with a long walk along an open road. Please catch one of the FREE daffodil buses from Carterton.

      How much is Middlerun?

      Middlerun daffodil picking is $4 per bunch and monies raised go to Plunket and St John.

      There is no Eftpos or ATM on site and will operate as CASH ONLY.

      What should I wear to Middlerun?

      Middlerun is a rural property and we strongly advise you dress warmly or bring with you warm clothes and a jacket. Don’t forget to wrap the kids up warm too.

      It is ESSENTIAL you wear appropriate footwear. Gumboots are advised or sneakers. Expect them to get dirty if there has been recent rain.

      There will be a St John’s Ambulance and paramedics stationed out at Middlerun for the duration of the daffodil picking.

      How do I book a stall?

      For more information about the market stalls at the Daffodil Festival you will need to contact market organisers Grant or Heather Smith directly.

      Please email smithspread@xtra.co.nz

      Will there be a horse surrey carriage again?


      There will be horse drawn carriages. These will leave from outside the Carterton Memorial Club on Broadway, and travel down Broadway to the train station and return.

      The cost is $2 per child and $4 per adult. Or for an exclusive trip on the Surrey $20.

      Reminder this is Cash only.

      More Information?

      Please follow Carterton Daffodil Festival NZ on Facebook.

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