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Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

June 2021

The lining of the three deferred storage ponds is expected to be completed by the third week of June. A specialist team from Australia has been booked for the end of June to carry out the liner integrity testing which is expected to take two weeks. While waiting for the reservoirs to be completed, work on stage 3 has started on the upgrade of the existing wet well, located next to the UV treatment system on Dalefield Road. Late delivery of the stage 2 has pushed stage 3 into less desirable winter conditions therefore the remaining cannot now be completed until the end of next summer. But we are still within the time period of our consents to have the reservoirs operating. Once the physical works on the site are completed the upgraded plant will be commissioned.

Clock tower remediation & landscaping

June 2021

The clock tower reserve landscape renovation is underway, with improved access, new seats and 3 specimen trees being the main features. The groundwork is being done by the Council using existing maintenance budgets from the Parks and Reserves budget. The team is making good progress but this work may take a few months, at which stage the Carterton Lions will help with the planting.

There will be timber seating, lots of planting and trees for shading, creating a green and welcoming community space. An important feature includes lowering the ground level of the main seating space to footpath level to remove the current step up from the footpath, making the area accessible to those using wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

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 Frederick Street Water Treatment Plant upgrade

June 2021

Council are mid-way through a planned upgrade of the Frederick Street treatment
plant. The timing of the upgrades has been constricted due to rely on supply through the Kaipaitangata treatment plant while working
on the Frederick Street plant. The window for
work to be undertaken on the Frederick Street plant needs to fit within the window
of water availability, i.e. outside summer months and weather forecasting. Heavy
rain will increase the turbidity of the water and trigger and automatic shutdown of
the UVs. We are reluctant to rely on weather event forecasting for any more than 3
or 4 days in advance therefore work on the Frederick Street plant needs to be
staged so that each tranche of work must be in a 3 to 4-day window.
The Council received $300,000 from the Three Waters funding plus its own planned capex expenditure to undertake the work. The upgrades include the installation of a new power supply, new cabinets and wiring for SCADA. New variable speed drives for the reticulation pumps, automatic switch overs to generator during a power outage, new chlorine dosing pumps and SCADA control. All plant, equipment, and controls have been incorporated into new schematics.


Town Centre Redevelopment

June 2021

On 30 June, the Council is set to adopt its Draft Ten Year Plan for 2021-2031 which included confirmation of Option B in the Consultation Document – include budget capacity of $331,000 for the purchase of land for public spaces and accessways/laneways in the town centre. Mayor Greg Lang has provided the following updates which have come from his work as part of the Mayor’s Town Centre Taskforce

  • High Street will not be flattened, and the fate of the majority of buildings is not demolition.
  • Of the two buildings which are earmarked for demolition, the businesses are relocating and there are exciting and innovative plans for what will go in their place. There will be no vacant lots on our High Street.
  • We have investors queueing up, waiting for a building to be listed for sale so they can snap it up. We have a strong vision, one which shows who we are, where we have come from and what we aspire to be, and this is resonating with investors.
  • At the moment the majority of the specifics of what’s happening remains commercially sensitive information. Exciting new ventures/businesses are looking at establishing and several existing businesses are ready to relocate to other High Street premises, and Mayor Lang is facilitating this to reduce the impact on their ability to trade. There are developers ready to action grand plans for the buildings they relocate from.
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Three Waters Reform

June 2021

DIA  has now released 4 evidence based reports in relation to the three waters reform, building the case for change.
What does this mean for our council and community?
We’re still waiting for release of the Cabinet paper which will decide how many entities it’s going to be, and we are hoping it will also provide details on the debt structure and how that may impact on council.
There will be a public consultation prior to the opt-out decision expected by the end of the year, so we can consider the community’s views before making any final decisions.
Earth Hour 2021

Climate Change updates

June 2021

Carterton District Council is taking part in the Wellington Regional Growth Framework (WRGF) through its participation in the Wellington Regional Climate Change Forum. We have an active voice in two projects of the WRGF:

  • Develop a regional emissions reduction action plan
  • Regional approach to planning for and managing climate change impact

Through those two projects, CDC plays an active role in climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation at a regional level.