Walking and Cycling in Carterton

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2022 02:25pm

Cycling in Carterton

Cycling is part of our daily lives, as a method of transport to and from work or school, as a sport and also as a recreational activity.

Cycling can be on a road bike, a mountain bike, 3 wheels or 2, motorised or pedal power! Cycling is great for fitness, for getting fresh air, improving wellbeing and exploring.

Wairarapa is now firmly established as an ideal location for the staging of elite cycling events, with the New Zealand Cycle Classic taking place throughout the region each year.

The Huri Huri website has more information about cycling in Wairarapa.

Huri Huri

Walking in Carterton

Walking requires minimal investment and can be done as a short trip, for longer walks, to get to work or School and for fun!

You can walk from your house, at a park or reserve, along the beach or  around the town streets.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recommends 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. Walk your way to wellbeing!

Ministry of Health: How much activity is recommended?

Wairarapa Five Towns Trail Network

The Wairarapa Five Towns Trail Network is an ambitious project to develop almost 200km of recreational trails for walking and cycling, linking Martinborough, Featherston, Greytown, Carterton and Masterton.

The goal is to grow community wealth through developing outstanding trail-based experiences, and to provide for improved liveability and health outcomes for residents and visitors alike.

Five Towns Trail website

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