Housing Action Plan

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2023 06:53pm

The Plan

What’s happening

A vision for housing in our District

The Housing Action Plan provides a roadmap for Carterton District Council to achieve its vision for housing in the district and improve community wellbeing.

What’s happening

Combined District Plan

The Housing Plan will inform the revised and reviewed Wairarapa Combined District Plan.

The District Plan will be released for public consultation after the October 2022 local government elections.

This will be an informal process and is an extra chance for the community to provide feedback ahead of the formal notification in 2023.

The next formal consultation phase which is likely to commence in June 2023 with the notified District Plan and the associated formal submission process.

The Plan will be more fully developed in time for formal notification and engagement on the Proposed District Plan, which will take place in mid-2023.

Visit the wairarapaplan.co.nz website for more information, including all upcoming engagement opportunities once they are finalised.