Water saving tips

Last updated: 16 Nov, 2021 04:33pm

  • Video: Water conservation
  • Buy a water tank
  • Comparison: Efficient and inefficient water use

Video: Water Conservation

Buy a 200-litre water tank 

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office [WREMO] has partnered with New Zealand water tank manufacturer The Tank Guy to make a 200-litre water tank and kit available for $107 (RRP $265).

The water tank features include:

  • Easy installationWater Tank
  • Easy transportation, will fit into most cars
  • Food grade, UV resistant plastic
  • All fittings, including a diverter kit (not shown in photo), strapping, bung and brass tap
  • 10-year warranty for the tank and 1-year warranty for the diverter kit

Buy a water tank from our Council office at 28 Holloway Street.

Visit the Get Prepared website for more information on water tanks. and FAQs.

Comparison: Efficient water use

The following tables compare efficient and inefficient household water use.

Shower Older Style Showerhead 8 minutes 108 to 176
Brushing Teeth Tap Running 9 to 22
Bath Tub Full Tub 162
Shaving Tap Running 22 to 67
Washing Dishes Tap Running 112.5
Washing Hands/Face Tap Running 9 to 13.5
Washing Machine Older Style 180
Toilet Flushing Old style tank 22
Automatic Washing Machine Full Cycle 112.5
Low flow Showerhead 5 minutes 45
Wet Brush Rinse 0.6
Minimal Water Level 10
Tap off, quick rinse 9
Tap off, while washing, sink half full with rinse bowl 22
Tap off while washing 2
Efficient 112.5
Ultra low flush toilet 7.2
Short Cycle 54

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