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Carterton Urban Growth Strategy

Our draft Urban Growth Strategy has projected the level of residential growth to be planned for over the next 50 years. The Strategy provides a planned approach for directing where and how to accommodate future residential growth in the District. If the land...

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Are you in? Sign up to our council news!

We want to get council related information straight to your inbox!  Knowing how our community ticks and listening to them is important to us. By creating surveys, online forms, forums and workshops we can offer a range of platforms to hear what you need to say! We...

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Final Proposal for a Wairarapa District Council

Visit the Local Government Commission website for a full overview of the proposal , the details, and what happens next. On Tuesday 18th July, the Local Government Commission briefed the three Wairarapa councils on the final proposal of the Wairarapa District Council....

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Celebrating Carterton’s Coolest People

The Charles Rooking Carter Awards, were held at the Carterton Events Centre on Saturday evening, where the community came together to celebrate Carterton’s coolest people. The Charles Rooking Carter Community Awards was created by the Carterton District Council in...

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Carterton Celebrates 160 years

2017 marks the 160th anniversary since Carterton was established by Charles Rooking Carter. Carterton District Council has recognised this anniversary by creating a 160 year logo which can be used on marketing and advertising council activities. Carterton businesses...

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Quick response to water outage.

Carterton residents experienced a water outage on Monday morning, due to damage to an overflow pipe within Carterton District Council’s water infrastructure. Local residents were quick to inform council of the water outage, with the operations team swift to respond....

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Open Fire Season

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 22 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 that the Wairarapa Rural Fire District REVOKES the previously imposed Restricted Fire Season and declares an OPEN FIRE SEASON across the whole of the Wairarapa Rural Fire District....

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