Councillor Jill Greathead

Last updated: 21 Dec, 2021 03:22pm

Get to know Jill! 

Which area in Carterton do you live?
Connollys Line with the Mangatarere Stream as our Western boundary

How long have you/your family lived in Carterton?
More than 20 years, having been brought up in Greytown.  My family arrived in Greytown in 1854 and Carterton in 1870s.

How long have you been on Council?
Since 2001.

Why did you stand for Council?
Originally I stood for Council to represent families and promote the development of a ‘community hub’ concept which became the Events Centre.
Now it’s to continue to represent community in a practical way advocating for a better model to deliver local government services by improved funding and community engagement to promote enhanced and transparent decision-making to empower our community.

Do you have another job/role/business aside from being a Councillor?
Owner of EnZed PC Services and Manager of Volunteering Wairarapa.

What are you passionate about, or what are your particular interests?
Within council: Democracy, localism, public participation and collaboration with community groups; conservation, catchment and river restoration, climate change action, and sustainability; waste management and minimisation.

Personal: Tap and Jazz, horse-riding, tiny homes, riparian restoration.

Committees and Working Groups 

Council, Policy and Strategy Committee, Hearings Committee (Chair), Water Race Committee, Community Grants Committee (Chair), Place Making Advisory Group (Deputy Chair), Waiohine Flood Management Plan Steering Group, Mangatārere Project Team, Wellington Regional Waste Minimisation and Management Joint Committee (WCC) and Wellington Regional Waste Forum and Carter Society Executive Committee.


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