Councillor Dale Williams

Last updated: 21 Dec, 2021 03:21pm

Dales CDC Photo July 2019 RotatedGet to know Dale! 

Which area in Carterton do you live?

I live at 231 Belvedere Rd Carterton

How long have you/your family lived in Carterton?

We moved to Carterton in July 2019 from Porirua, but originally from Otorohanga

How long have you been on Council?

I was elected to Carterton District Council in the April 2021 by-election as a result of Cr Steffen Bertram resigning. I have previously served one term on Porirua City Council, 2 terms on Otorohanga District Council, 3 terms on Otorohanga Community Board (concurrent), and 3 terms as Mayor of Otorohanga District

Why did you stand for Council?

I like to actively contribute wherever I live. I enjoy Local Government and community service, and the role of Councillor fits well with my skills, experience, time and other commitments.

Do you have another job/role/business aside from being a Councillor?

I am a trade certified motorcycle engineer by profession and owned a group of dealerships in the King Country for 20 years, retiring from business in 2004 to become Mayor, standing down in 2013. Now alongside being a Carterton District Councillor I am a stay home Dad, have a number of Board and Executive positions, Chair the Youth 2 Work Wairarapa movement, and try to spend time in the workshop with my motorcycle collection

What are you passionate about, or what are your particular interests?

My lifelong passion is motorcycles – I ride, race, own, repair, collect, study, polish and dream about motorcycles. I love my family, community and people.

Committees and Working Groups 

My Councillor responsibilities include: Audit and Risk, Infrastructure and Services, Finance (Deputy Chair), Economic Development Advisory Group, Rural Travel Fund, Policy and Strategy, RSA Grants, Carterton Community Grants, Wairarapa Library Committee, and Rural Committee (deputy Chair)

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