Council Committees and Working Groups

Last updated: 28 Jan, 2022 02:54pm

Committees are used for specific topics where detailed consideration is required. The following committees were established for 2019-2022 term.


Audit and Risk Committee

P Jones (Chair), Councillors Cherry-Campbell (Deputy Chair), all elected members, Marae Representatives

Infrastructure and Services Committee

Councillors Deller (Chair), Cretney (Deputy), Councillors Keys, Williams, Marae Representative R Smith

Policy and Strategy Committee

Deputy Mayor Vergunst (Chair), all other Elected Members, Marae Representatives

Hearings Committee

Councillors Greathead (Chair), Deller (Deputy Chair), Cherry-Campbell

Water Race Committee

Councillors Deller (Chair), Cherry-Campbell, Greathead, representatives John McFadzean, Neil Wadham, David Ellison, and Jill Eastham.

Rural Travel Fund Committee

Councillors Cretney (Chair), Deller, Keys

Community Grants Committee

Councillors Cherry-Campbell (Chair), Deputy Mayor Vergunst (Deputy Chair), Greathead

Wairarapa Combined District Plan Joint Committee

Councillors Brian Deller and Robyn Cherry Campbell represent Carterton District.

Wairarapa Library Service Committee

Councillors Dale Williams and Steve Cretney represent Carterton District.

Advisory Groups

Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Group

Councillors Cretney (Chair) and Cherry-Campbell, Marae Representatives

Economic Development Advisory Group

Mayor Lang (Chair), Councillors Cherry-Campbell (Deputy Chair)

Place Making Advisory Group

Deputy Mayor Vergunst (Chair), Councillors Greathead (Deputy Chair), Cretney

Walking and Cycling Advisory Group

Councillor Cherry Campbell(Chair), Deputy Mayor Vergunst (Deputy Chair), Councillor Keys

Councillor Portfolios

Sports and Recreation

Councillor Cretney (leader), Deputy Mayor Vergunst (deputy)

Climate Change and Environment

Councillor Greathead (leader), Councillor Cretney (deputy)

Community Development

Deputy Mayor Vergunst

Economic Development

Mayor Lang (leader), Councillor Cherry-Campbell (deputy)

Community Engagement

Councillor Greathead (leader), Councillor Cretney


Councillor Deller (leader), Councillor Williams (deputy)


Councillor Cherry-Campbell (leader), Councillor Williams (deputy)