Walking and Cycling Advisory Group

Last updated: 04 Jul, 2022 04:16pm

The group aims to assist Council to increase walking and cycling in the District, through developing projects to enhance walking and cycling facilities and promoting walking and cycling.

  • Terms of Reference
    • Activities
    • Personnel and membership
    • Responsibilities
    • Quorum
    • Meeting times & frequency
Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings of Council and Committees.

A public forum is provided at the start of meetings, where anyone can address elected members.

Call us on 06 379 4030 if you wish to participate in this public forum.

Terms of Reference

  • Assisting with the redevelopment and implementation of the Carterton Walking and Cycling Strategy.
  • Leading the promotion of walking and cycling in Carterton.
  • Engaging the Carterton community in walking and cycling initiatives.
  • Developing projects to enhance walking and cycling facilities and providing advice to the Infrastructure and Services Committee on capital projects requiring funding, as appropriate.
  • Advising the Policy and Strategy Committee on any changes to the Walking and Cycling Strategy.

Up to three elected representatives, and representatives of community groups and individuals with a particular interest in walking and cycling.

An elected member will chair the Advisory Group.

Secretarial support will be provided by the Council. Council officers will also provide advice to the Advisory Group, as required, subject to resource availability.

Quarterly, or as required