Hearing Committees

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To hear and decide all applications, submissions or objections for any matter other than those matters the Council either retains for itself or sets up a specific Committee to manage.

Meeting frequency

As and when required.

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Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings of Council and Committees.

A public forum is provided for at the start of meetings, where anyone can address elected members.

Call us on 06 379 403 if you wish to participate in this public forum.

Terms of Reference

  1. To hear and decide matters in relation to the District Licensing Agency.
  2. To hear and decide matters in relation to the Dog Control Act.
  3. To hear and decide matters in relation to objections to proposals to close roads under the Local Government Act Transport Regulations.
  4. The hear matters in relation to the Reserves Management Act.
  5. The hear and decide any other matters the Council requests it to consider.

Note: The Hearing Committee will not hear matters in relation to the Resource Management Act. Hearing Commissioners for those matters may either be a suitably qualified  elected representative(s) of an external commissioner. External commissioners will generally be used in the following circumstances:
i. There are no suitably qualified elected representatives.
ii. The Council or an individual elected representative may be perceived to have an actual or perceived conflict of interest.
iii. Determination of objections made under Section 357B relating to local authority charges.
iv. When matters are outside the technical knowledge or experience of accredited elected representatives.
v. When one or more accredited elected representative may have, or may be perceived to have, a closed mind on the proposal.

Three elected members.

Three elected members.

Meetings Archive

Visit our Archived Meetings page for older documents. Contact us if you can’t find the information you need.