The Proposed Wairarapa Combined District Plan will be formally notified and made open for public submissions on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

A District Plan sets out rules for land use and subdivision in Wairarapa. It must provide for growth balanced against a community’s desired environmental outcomes. It sets out what activities people can do and what activities need resource consent.

An electronic version of the Draft Plan will be available on the plan website,

The electronic feedback form will be live from this point too. Hard copies of the Proposed District Plan, as well as information brochures and submission forms will all be available at District Council offices and libraries from Wednesday 11 October.

Feedback on the Proposed District Plan will be sought via a formal consultation process, as per the requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991.  The public will have an opportunity to provide written submissions over a nine-week period running from 11 October 2023 to 19 December 2023.

Achieving notification is a huge milestone for the Joint Committee, which is made up of Councillors from the three Wairarapa Councils, as well as iwi and commissioners. The committee is chaired by an independent Chairperson (and resource management practitioner and independent Commissioner)  – David McMahon.

The Proposed District Plan has been informed by several specialist technical sources and through comprehensive individual, stakeholder and community feedback received during the Draft District Plan feedback process in late 2022.

‘This is the result of nearly three years’ dedicated and focused work by a host of personnel and clear governance from the Joint Committee. Importantly, the Proposed District Plan has been shaped by valuable community and stakeholder feedback received during the Draft District Plan feedback process last year,’ said McMahon.

‘The Joint Committee encourages, and is looking forward to, formal feedback from resource users and the public on the Proposed District Plan,’ he said.

McMahon noted that some of the rules in the Proposed Wairarapa Combined District Plan will have immediate legal effect.

‘This means these rules apply from the date of notification and may result in resource consent being required for some activities that were not otherwise required under the Operative Wairarapa Combined District Plan.’

Planning staff will host community ‘drop-in’ sessions, where people can come along to learn more about the Proposed District Plan and how to make a submission.

Following the submissions period, the submissions will be summarised and notified for further submissions. Hearings will be held and the Hearings Panel will make decisions on the submissions. These decisions may be appealed to the Environment Court.