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The fees for kerbside recycling collection are paid via rates, and Council supplies each urban household with one green bin and one maroon recycling bin.

Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their recycling bins. Replacement recycling bins can be purchased from the Council office at 28 Holloway Street, Carterton.

For information on the plastic bag ban taking effect on 1 July 2019, please click here

Recycling wheelie bins – The 9th of September is the day to remember! 


Many of you have received your recycling wheelie bins already, and we’re excited to start this service the week beginning September 9th.

It’s great to see so many of you wanting to get out and use all that extra space in your recycling wheelie bins but until then, you’ll need to continue using your crates as usual.

For more information regarding the recycling wheelie bins, refer to the booklet which came with your bin or visit


What You Can Recycle in your Kerbside Bin – Collected every Monday including Public Holidays

Domestic Recycling brochure

Paper and corrugated cardboard
Paper, magazines, etc can be tied in a bundle and placed on your bin. Please flatten all corrugated cardboard. If it doesn’t all fit in the bin provided, please visit the transfer or recycling station.

Aluminium drink cans and metal food tins.
Please clean pet food, fish cans and others that smell. Wash and squash!

All bottles marked with ‘1’ to ‘7’ except ‘6 EPS’ (Look on the bottom of container for the number). Includes all milk and soft drink bottles, some ice cream containers, detergent and shampoo bottles. (Please take tops off as they are not made of recyclable plastic, apart from milk bottle tops which are ok to leave on).

Clean, unbroken bottles and jars. Please remove tops. NB: All glass must be placed in your green bin, if you leave glass in cardboard boxes or outside the bin it will not be picked up as it has been known to cause injury to the recycling workers. No broken drinking glasses, window/mirror glass, crystal, ceramics, pottery or light bulbs please.

Recycling Facilities in Carterton
Dalefield Road Transfer Station.   – provides a comprehensive recovery operation which includes:                             

  • separation and shredding of green waste
  • collecting and crushing of derelict car bodies
  • recycling of glass bottles
  • recycling of plastics ‘1’ to ‘7’
  • recycling of paper and corrugated cardboard.
  • recycling of white ware and other metal
  • 2nd hand goods operation
  • recycling of nickel based batteries

Agrecovery was established in 2005 to address persistent “on farm” waste issues.   Agrecovery provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide agrichemical container, silage wrap and crop protection net recycling as well as a programme for the collection of unwanted chemicals.  For more information please visit the Agrecovery website

Want to learn more about recycling? Check out these great videos about recycling in NZ! 

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