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Waste Management

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!

These words are the 3R’s of waste management in order of their priority. If every person did their best to reduce rubbish, re-use what they could, and recycle where possible, the problem of disposing of rubbish at landfills would greatly diminish.

Reducing – wise shopping, eg: avoid excess packaging, and use cloth bags instead of plastic supermarket bags. New Zealander’s use 800 million plastic bags a year – enough to stretch to the moon!

Reusing – choose products you can use over and over again rather than disposable ones. Think before you dump, can someone else find a use for what you don’t want?

Recycling – Carterton residents are great at recycling – since kerbside recycling was introduced in October 2003 over 115 tonnes has been diverted from going to landfill. This equates to about 1.6 kgs per household per week. Keep up the good work! Recycling day is Monday every week. If your recycling bin has been lost, stolen or strayed extra bins can be purchased from Council at the subsidised cost of $11.50.