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At various stages during construction, you will need to arrange for building officers to inspect the work that has been done to ensure it complies with the conditions of the building consent.

The required inspections are listed in your building consent.

You should have a clear timeline for your building work and book inspections for appropriate dates well in advance to avoid delays on site. Approved consent documents and the person nominated below must be on site at the time of the inspection.

If the inspector is not satisfied that the work meets the requirements of the building consent a re-inspection may be required at additional cost.

If inspections have been missed, contact us to discuss possible alternative evidence you can provide that the work is code compliant.

An application for code compliance certificate” (Form 6) with all sections competed must be supplied when applying for a final inspection

Booking an inspection

Contact us  to book an inspection. Please have the following information handy:

address for inspection
type of inspection required
building consent number (this is a unique number given to each building consent)
name and contact number of person who will be on site.

All inspections:
An inspection needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.



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