Forms for Building Consents

Last updated: 04 Oct, 2021 02:59pm

Application for a building consent; including Residential, Commercial and Solid Fuel Heating

Application for Building Consent (including solid fuel heating and amendments), Code Compliance Certificate, Certifcate of Acceptance and LBP declarations can be made to CDC through the GoShift website

You can do it the old way (paper based) here , but we may charge for  the extra work required to scan the documents

Application for Amendment to Building Consent Form please view here

Guide to filling out a building consent here

Application for Code Compliance Certificate please view here

Application for Extension of Time please view here

Application for Amendment of Compliance Schedule please view here

Application for a Certificate of Acceptance please view here

Statutory Declaration for Owner Builders please view here

Application for Certificate fro Public Use please view here 

Guidance on filling out these forms can be found here.



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