In 2018 the three Wairarapa Councils consulted on a plan to introduce wheelie bins for recycling and following consultation, it was decided that the three Councils would jointly introduce wheelie bins.

  • The improved recycling service will be cleaner, greener and smarter and allow more recycling to be collected (an extra 140 litres per fortnight).
  • Wheelie bins will also reduce wind-blown litter as the wheelie bins come with a clip to hold down the lid.
  • It has an electronic tag to make it easier to find if it goes missing.
  • The new service also enables you to check online whether the bin has been collected

The bins will be delivered to households by mid-August with an expectation that the service will start in late winter. The current recycling crates will continue to be used for glass only, with all other recycling going into the wheelie bins.

Further information will be published closer to the launch date. You will also receive a recycling handbook with your wheelie bin when it gets delivered. For a list of frequently asked questions, visit our dedicated page here