Kerbside recycling collection in urban areas resumes from Tuesday 14 April.

Because of the Easter Monday holiday, recycling and rubbish collections are a day later than normal for urban areas. For Carterton, this means your waste and recycling will be collected on Tuesday 14 April.

If your recycling wheelie bin is marked 1, please put it out; otherwise, put out your glass crate.

The following week, Monday 20th, put out your recycling wheelie bins marked 2; if your bin is 1, put out your glass instead.

Transfer stations remain closed to all but essential services.

All transfer stations in Wairarapa remain closed to all but essential services.

While we appreciate this will be increasingly inconvenient for rural residents not receiving kerbside collection of rubbish and recycling, the councils’ aim must be to adhere to the Government’s priority, and that is to ensure people stay home to break the chain of infection.

That includes not going to transfer stations to drop off rubbish or recycling.

Obviously this will be mounting up and we’ve provided the following tips for rural residents in this position:

– Now is the time, more than ever, to try and reduce and reuse wherever possible to minimise your stockpile.

– Wash all your recycling to stop it getting smelly.

– If you don’t have a compost for food waste, now’s a good time to start one.

– Keep non-compostable food waste in a high location where animals and children can’t get to it (It’s best not bury it, this will attract vermin if it contains bones etc).

– Another option is to put meat bones into a deep freeze if you have space, or you can put carcasses in a fire (but not other household rubbish like plastic).