We’re asking for public feedback on our proposal to adopt a Freedom Camping Bylaw to manage freedom camping in our District. We have written a Draft Bylaw, and we’re asking you if you agree with the details in the proposed Bylaw before we make it final.


Why are we doing this?

Changes in the law around freedom camping – which is when people camp in public places like parks, beaches, and car parks without proper facilities – mean that our current rules are no longer up to date. Now that our borders are open again after the COVID-19 lockdown, freedom camping has become popular once more. Lots of local councils have already updated their rules, and now our District needs to do the same.

The new rules will make it easier for people to know where they can and cannot camp in Carterton.

The rules are simple and easy to follow, and they will help us keep an eye on camping and deal with any problems if people don’t follow the rules. The updated laws also mean that we can take action if people break them.


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Have Your Say!

Anyone can make a submission on the proposed Bylaw and we encourage you to do so. This is how you can have your say:



Please send get your submission to us by SUNDAY 2 JULY. Remember to indicate if you would like to support your submission in person at a potential future hearing.