At today’s Ordinary Council Meeting (27 May 2020), the following items of interest were discussed:

Annual Plan
The council agreed to the amended approach to our 2020/21 Annual plan, in acknowledgement of the effect COVID-19 will have on our local economy.

We will be continuing with business as usual, finishing our existing projects (such as our Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade) and won’t be adding any new ones. This means there are no items to consult on. The draft annual plan won’t be finalised until June and projects an average rates increase of between 1.2 and 2 per cent, which is in line with year 3 of the 2018-2028 Ten Year Plan.

Once it is finalised, we’ll be getting out into the community to talk to you about what’s important for Carterton’s future as we look at the bigger picture. This will help set the direction of our Long Term Plan consultation next year.

Daffodil Festival 2020
The councillors briefly discussed what our annual Daffodil Festival may look like this year post COVID-19 lockdown. While the festival isn’t until September, we are not sure what alert level will be in place or what restrictions there might be on events come September. This event is the biggest on the Carterton events calendar, and normally hosts 10,000 people, so planning and organisation is already behind schedule due to lockdown.

The councillors are keen to see the festival go ahead but in a slightly different format that could accommodate potential gathering and contact tracing restrictions that may be in place.

This gives us a lot to think about so we will be making a decision in the next few weeks over whether the Daffodil Festival will go ahead in September as planned and if so, what format it will take.

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