In Level 2 Hospitality focused businesses such as Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Butcheries, Pubs and Bars can now re-open!

Right now, food and beverage businesses must operate with a dining focus only and follow the three S’s:  Seated – Separated – Single server

In order to minimize the transmission of Covid-19 as much as possible to prevent our community from being sent back into Alert Level 4 and Lock-down, there are some strict rules to ensure safe trading during Alert Level 2 in order to keep our community safe:

Ensure all staff receive training about hand washing, illness, cleaning, social distancing and contactless service. Remember to record in your template Food Control Plan or National Programme records.

  • Staff need to stay 1 metre apart from each other where practicable
  • Have one server per group of customers, and keep the same servers throughout, wherever possible.
  • All customers in your venue must be seated
  • Different customer groups must be kept 1 metre apart.
  • There is a maximum of 100 customers at a time, but the total allowable may be lower to ensure 1 metre distance between groups.
  •  You may need to limit the number of people inside at any time so that physical distancing can be maintained. Reducing the number of tables inside the premises can help staff and customers maintain physical distancing.
  • Remove shared equipment, like shared water stations, or buffets.
  • Reduce the number of shared surfaces, and regularly disinfect them e.g. service counters, customer tables, door handles, eftpos machines, bathroom facilities, kitchens, steering wheels in delivery vehicles etc.
  • Make sure that people don’t need to queue near other people to enter, pay, or  go to the bathroom.
  • Provide good facilities for staff and customers to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly. Check soap, hand towels and hand sanitizer regularly to ensure there are enough readily available for staff and customers.
  • Maintain the customer register with details of everyone that has entered your  premises.
  •  Try to take bookings wherever possible, rather than walk ups. 
  • You can still do delivery, drive-through or contactless pick up by customers. 
  • Try to avoid having people queue, and if they are queueing make sure they’re able to maintain physical distancing.
  •  Ensure to keep your staff illness register updated as required by the template Food Control Plan or National Programme.
  • Put up clear signage up at the premises entrance and on the businesses Facebook page and/or website stating customer number limits, availability of delivery and takeaway options and asking customers to please not visit the premises if they are unwell.

These forms must be completed for your business to be able to trade under Alert Level 2.

Re-opening checklist return a copy to Council

Covid-19 Safety plan  – best practice to complete and keep on site

Customer Register  – keep on site (you can design your own record keeping system if you like, just as long as the customer information is recorded and available upon request from Worksafe or  Ministry of Health)

 Please note-if you have already completed the checklist and the safety plan for Alert Level 3, you do NOT need to fill them out again.

Please get in touch ASAP if: 

  • You would like to recommence trading under Alert Level 2 and need to send us your completed re-opening checklist
  • To check that the businesses is registered for the type of trading you wish to do/ the businesses Registration Certificate or Scope of Operations is unclear or not available
  • To add a new Trading Operation to your Scope of Operations
  • The details, ownership, address or name of your business has changed
  • You need a copy of the template Food Control Plan or National Programme manual or supplementary record forms
  • To check what sort of record keeping you need to do.
  • Would like to book a Verification service
  • Need to renew your Food Act 2014 Registration
  • Have any other queries or concerns. We are always happy to help you.Contact our Environmental Health Officer – Jade-Anna Gronback  – Phone 06 06 379 4040 or Email

    Looking for more information? 

  • Information posters, flyers and notices for Level 2 can be found here:
  • Level 2 information for food and beverage businesses can be found here:

    Compliance with the Alert Level 2 requirements is being managed by an “all of government compliance response”.

    This means compliance agencies are working together in our community to make sure that everyone is following the Level 2 requirements.  The agencies involved are MBIE, MPI, Ministry of Health, NZ Police, WorkSafe and Carterton District Council.

     Your business may be contacted or visited by a compliance officer from one of these agencies to check on how things are going.