Carterton’s newest park will be called “Bird’s Park”.

During the month of January Carterton District Council invited feedback via a survey created to understand what people want in their local park. The name of the park was a popular topic, and it was agreed at the Bird Park workshop which was held on Friday 3rd February, that the name would be confirmed by the Bird family, whom the park was named after. After deliberation, the family agreed upon “Bird’s Park”.

The concept plan for the park was broadly confirmed as per the proposal. However, completed in a staged approach in order to meet budget constraints as well as to enable monitoring of use.  Priority amenities will be implemented initially and then the “nice to haves” may be implemented at a later date depending on need and community wishes.

Bird’s Park will proceed as per the proposed concept plans but will include the following :

  1. Dogs – dogs are welcome at Bird Park on a leash at all times.
  2. Bins – rubbish and ‘doggy do’ bins to be provided at each end of the park. These will be checked daily and emptied as required
  3. Signage – to include the history of Bird Park, and recognition of the Bird family. The sign will also list activities not permitted within the park, including but not limited to “No Motorbikes”, “Dogs on Leash at all times” and “Dog Litter Infringement Notice.”
  4. Play equipment (minimum of two pieces) will include soft matting. There are budget constraints here – the equipment is expensive as it must meet a number of standards.
  5. Solar lighting will be installed. The final product will be consulted with the immediate neighbours within the vicinity of the park.
  6. The Pathway will be made with asphalt and edged in timber to help reduce the spread of weeds and grass as well as to ensure low on-going maintenance.
  7. Trees – Council will liaise with Mellissa Bird on specimen tree selection as requested by the Bird family. The committee will consult with neighbours regarding other plantings and placement.

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