Keen to change the High Street eye sore into a feast for the eyes?

Site of the proposed mural

We’re seeking talented artists to brighten up this wall on High Street, Carterton.

Carterton District Council is inviting expressions of interest to create a mural on the wall at the site (“fire site”) corner of High Street/State Highway 2 and Holloway Street.

The area to be painted runs along the building on High Street.

The mural may be painted on panels to be attached to the wall or directly on the wall.

The mural will be removed or covered by future construction on the site.

The closing date for expressions of interest is Tuesday 10 May 2022.

Apply Now!

Creative Communities Scheme Grants

Carterton District Council will not provide any funds for the project but encourages applications to the Creative Communities Scheme Grants.

For more information:

Grant applications close on 22 April.

Please note

  • Submissions close Tuesday 10 May 2022.
  • This is not a paid commission.
  • Selection of the successful applicant will be made by the building owner. Their decision will be final.



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