A proposal to build a multi-sports hub at Howard Booth Park has been put on hold while the trust works on a new design.

Over the past few years, the HubCap Trust has been investigating the concept of a sports hub based at Howard Booth Park, with a number of sporting groups represented on the Trust. A conceptual sports hub proposal was put to the Council in 2017 which resulted in the Council undertaking a consultation with the Carterton community about the use of Howard Booth Park and the potential for the Council providing funding to the project.

In August 2018, the trust behind HubCap presented a new option to the council with a proposal to have Carterton Rugby Club based at the sports hub in Howard Booth Park. The idea was that the rugby club would be the anchor tenant at the HubCap and would be its principal investor. Part of the proposal was for the club to sell its existing land and use the funds from the sale to invest into the buildings at the sports hub as part of Stage One of the design.

Prior to providing the council with its final plans, Carterton Rugby Club revisited its business plan and found the proposal in its current form was not feasible at this time due to escalating costs.

A meeting was held last week with the trustees and rugby club members where it was announced the club would not be selling its grounds. Carterton Rugby Club president, Steve Hurley, said the work done to date was invaluable and the data gathered will be available to be used in the future.

“The outcome of the meeting was positive and it was decided we would continue meeting with the aim of building the interclub infrastructure.

“In the interim, the Trust will continue to work together to build the interclub support and communication network whereby local clubs can work together for their mutual benefit.

“The HubCap is committed to building an environment for connected active people.”

The HubCap Trust will continue looking at alternative designs and seeking other opportunities to be able to continue progressing the project.



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