15 June 2022

We need your help to reduce inflows to our wastewater plant
The heavy rains over the past week have caused a high water table which infiltrates the older parts of the reticulation system. The system is full and we are trying to reduce the inflows as quickly as we can.

Since the February flood, we’ve bought flow monitors. They show us which catchments in the reticulation have the larger inflows. Work is continuing on the wastewater pipework capex renewals and we are prioritising these areas in the next financial year.

In the meantime, we need the community’s help by reducing your household contribution if you can.

  • You CAN flush your toilet
  • Please keep washing machine use to a minimum.
  • Keep your showers short
  • Please be mindful with activities such as washing dishes and washing cars.


If we do not have any rain, the inflows will start to reduce in the next 48 hours.

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