News media release

11 September 2018

More seats on Wairarapa Line good news for commuters

Wairarapa rail commuters will be the winners in a trial designed to increase capacity on the Wairarapa Line from Wellington to Masterton.

From 24 September Metlink will increase the number of carriages from eight to nine on the 6.20am service from Masterton to Wellington between Tuesday and Friday, and on the 4.25pm service from Wellington to Masterton from Monday to Thursday.

The trial trains will be stopping at all the usual Wairarapa stations and information will be provided on train access and exit as well as carriage destinations.

“This is great news for Wairarapa commuters. They’ll get the benefit of 64 more seats on each nine-car run, which will help ease crowding on the line and make journeys more comfortable,” says Greater Wellington’s Wairarapa Councillor, Adrienne Staples.

“Greater Wellington has heard the public’s concern about the Wairarapa Line. This trial is just one of the ways we’re are working to deliver on our promise to improve the experience for people travelling on it.

”I’d also like to thank people for their feedback on running the trial, which we’ve taken into account to make it relevant to their needs.”

The purpose of the in-service trial is to confirm operational details such as ensuring door isolation works smoothly in practice for both staff and passengers. Once Metlink has the data it needs from the trial any outstanding issues will be addressed.

“We’ll keep people up to date during this process through Facebook and media releases, and we welcome any feedback people may have during the trial. We’re keen to hear your views, which can be provided through the pages of the Wairarapa Commuters Facebook site or our Metlink customer website feedback form. Many thanks for your patience as we continue to find ways to improve your service.”


For more information : Greater Wellington mediaphone – 021-914 266