5 December 2022
We’re excited that our application to Waka Kotahi NZ’s Transport Choices Package has been accepted.
The Transport Choices programme supports councils to give people more options in the way they travel. Funding criteria specified projects that would deliver strategic cycling/micro mobility networks; create walkable neighbourhoods; support healthy school travel; or make public transport easier to use. The aim is to open up streets so everyone can get where they need to go in ways that are good for their health and the planet.
Waka Kotahi has confirmed it is happy to have further scoping discussions with us to understand our priorities for the Wairarapa Five Towns Trail Network. This portion has been indicatively funded as the off-road schools connection.
We will be able to provide more information about what exactly will be implemented and how much we will received in the coming weeks (once we receive those details from Waka Kotahi). In the meantime, we celebrate