Carterton District Council is looking for a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to review Council Procurement and Contract management practices for medium and large-scale capital works.

The review would consider the tools, practices, and opportunities used to mitigate project risks at the concept and design stages.


What We Need


Review scope

Identify cost-effective practices that if used would reduce time, cost, or deliverable risks on medium and large-scale Council-led projects.


What’s important to us

A project review is valuable where it identifies cost-effective practices that if used, would reduce the risks on a similar project using the same starting point: concept stage.

By considering what went well, and what could be done if doing a similar project in the future, the report can then feed into Council’s procurement policy and staff development.


What we don’t want

A hindsight review of Council projects seeking to identify what went wrong or apportion blame.


Skills we are looking for

The consultant will need:

  • recent direct experience in Procurement of Council or NZTA co-funded civil infrastructure (understanding how Council as a client works with designers and suppliers in gaining their services for capital work, and actively reduces risk pricing premiums).
  • the ability to identify, then assess, raw and moderated project risks such as unforeseen ground or site conditions, contractor default, impacts of adverse weather.
  • to balance the time windows for investigation, design, tendering, construction phases to minimise variations during construction phases knowing Council’s Long-Term Plan budgeting cycle, and;
  • to provide a similar review of a major build/rebuild for Councils elsewhere, picking up both successes and issues.


Evaluation criteria

Submissions will be evaluated and weighted according to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of Wairarapa, and/or districts with similar characteristics
  2. Technical expertise:
    • Skillsets and areas of professional expertise of delivery procurement/construction contracts.
    • Skillsets and expertise with developing implementation plans.
  3. Capacity to deliver
    • Ability to dedicate individual consultants for the duration of the work.
    • Ability to draw on additional consultants during peak work periods.
    • Demonstrate previous experience in this area.
  4. Project management skills and experience
    • Examples of project management/governance roles.
    • Ability to provide strategic and operational support.



Please submit your application details and relevant documents by email to before 5pm 31 January 2022.


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