Greater Wellington Regional Council’s has recently formed a partnership with Dung Beetle Innovations to launch the first region-wide release of non-native dung beetles in New Zealand. This is something GWRC are very passionate about and would like to share with Wairarapa.

A key reason behind their support for these industrious little creatures is improved water quality. They hold amazing potential to clean up our waterways by dispersing livestock dung on farms across the region, preventing it from being washed into streams and rivers, and improving soil health and grass growth by tunnelling it into the ground.

GWRC has invested in the project and means  and means any farmer in the region can get 20% off a dung beetle package to release on their land. They want to share this opportunity with as many farmers as possible to increase the impact dung beetles have on our water quality. These dung beetles could make a big difference to farmers in the Wairarapa.

To find out about the partnership and the offer available to farmers check out the links below: