We are now entering our busiest part of the year for special licences. If you are planning a special event for Christmas or over the summer and require an alcohol special licence you need to get your application in early.

All applications must be made at least 20 working days (four weeks) before the event is held, otherwise they may not be accepted by the District Licensing Committee for consideration.

It is important to note that a working day does not include weekends, statutory holidays (including Labour Day on 22 October 2018 or any day between 20 December and 15 January (inclusive). Due to the non-working days over Christmas and New Year you will need to apply at least two months in advance of your event to allow for the minimum 20 working days to process it.

This is also our busiest period for processing applications. If you want the security of knowing whether your special licence will be granted before you start advertising you should apply even earlier.

As a guide: if your event is in December 2018, please apply before 2nd November 2018 – if your event is in January 2019, please apply before 16th November 2018.