Pursuant to the Transport [Vehicular Traffic Road Closure] Regulations 1965, notice is hereby given that the Carterton District Council proposes to close various roads for the purpose of the Daffodil Festival for the period indicated hereunder:

Period of closure

Sunday 10 September 2023 6.00am to 4.00pm

Roads affected

  • CLOSED: Broadway, between High Street and William Wong Place
  • CLOSED: Holloway Street, from High Street to Dixon Street intersection
  • CLOSED: Memorial Square, from Park Road entrance around to exit on High Street
  • CLOSED: Masson Street, from Broadway to Stubbs Service Lane intersection
  • CLOSED: Nelson Crescent, from Holloway Street to number 30/car park area
  • CLOSED: High Street North/South, Pembroke Street to Belvedere/Park Road

The closed section will be adequately and properly signposted, at the beginning of the closed road, being manned with radio communication to allow the passage of through traffic in an emergency.