Significant value growth in much of Carterton District over past three years will be reflected in new rating values

The new rating valuations have been prepared for 4,741 properties on behalf of the Carterton District Council by Quotable Value (QV).

Please view the Quotable Value  2017 Revaluation media statement here  here

The new property valuation roll can be found below.

2017 Property revaluations – sorted by valuation ID – please view here
2017 Property revaluations – sorted by street name – please view here

New rating values will be posted to property owners after 22 November, 2017. If owners do not agree with the rating value they have the right to object. The objection close-off date is 19 January, 2017. To find out more about objection or to lodge an objection online go to or call 0800 787 284 to request an objection form. Or go to or call 06 379 4030.

For more information please contact:

Corporate Services Manager – Marty Sebire
06 379 4030

QV General Manager – David Nagel
Mobile 0272 482 111