Councillor Tracey O’Callaghan resigned from her elected member position with Carterton District Council earlier today, with immediate effect.

Tracey was elected onto council during the 2016 local body elections and was a member on the Audit and Risk Committee, Policy and Strategy Committee, Wairarapa Library Services Committee and Economic Development Advisory Group.

Carterton Mayor, John Booth, said it was disappointing to have a councillor leave before the end of their term, but he was confident the resignation wouldn’t impact on the council continuing to make positive strides.

“We have achieved a tremendous amount during this term and have been making innovative decisions.

“We look forward to continuing with business as usual and with our new initiatives.”

The Local Government Act does not allow a bi-election this close to the next election period and therefore, Carterton District Councillors will be asked to decide at the next Ordinary Council Meeting on 3rd April on whether they will appoint someone to the vacancy or carry the vacancy through to the October election.