Join the team for our Community Emergency Hub exercise, Sunday 3rd November from 2pm.
– Learn about how your community can respond to the challenges of a disaster
– Practice what to do at your Community Emergency Hub
– Come along and find out how the Carterton Community can work together to support each other after a disaster

What is a Community Emergency Hub?

A Community Emergency Hub will open when there has been a major emergency where people need assistance, and official services are stretched to the point where they must prioritise the most urgent call-outs.

There are 127 Hubs across the Wellington Region. They are located at community facilities and some schools and can be opened by keyholders living in the local area.

Find your nearest Community Emergency Hub on a map of the Wellington Region

When you have checked on your household and neighbours, you and your family can go to your local Community Emergency Hub to:

  • Ask for and offer help by sharing skills and resources among your community
  • Share and find information about what’s happening in your suburb
  • Start organising the clean-up of your community
  • Be in the company of others facing a similar situation

Check out the Carterton Emergency Hub Planning document