Friday 7th September 2018

Media Statement – Aquatic Facilities Review released

Since March last year the Carterton Swimming Club and Carterton District Council have been working together to discuss their joint commitment to improving the Carterton aquatic facilities.
The Council owned outdoor pool’s changing and storage sheds require earthquake strengthening or replacement, and the Carterton Swimming Club owned indoor pool facility is in need of an upgrade.

Carterton District Council Deputy Mayor Russell Keys explains that working together to look at options to improve both facilities made sense.

“Carterton Swimming Club is a valued part of the Carterton community; retaining the club and their indoor facility is a priority for Council.  It has been great that we can work together, taking a collaborative approach to find a solution for both the club’s indoor pool and Council’s outdoor facilities.”

A review was undertaken to investigate a range of upgrade or redevelopment options for both the indoor and outdoor facilities, and although a lengthy process, essential to provide a robust analysis.
“It has taken time to get this review completed, but it was very important that every option was considered carefully.” Says Deputy Mayor Keys.

The Review identified five options, ranging from “doing the minimum” to a completely new purpose built indoor complex.
Two options have been identified as the preferred options.

These are to either;

Address the structural issues for the indoor facility on site (a new structure over existing indoor pool) and construct shared changing rooms for the indoor and outdoor facilities.


Build a new shared aquatic facility at another location in Carterton.

Carterton Swimming Club spokesperson Dean Adams says it great to see the completed review, and have some direction for the Club.
“Although we still have two options for consideration, we are thrilled to get to get to this point and have some tangible options for the future of Carterton Swimming Club.”

Mr Adams says that the release of the draft report also means that Carterton Swimming Club can start looking for funding opportunities.
“It will be great to start looking at how we can start fundraising and getting our community involved.”

The draft report and an update on the project position will be discussed at Carterton District Council meeting on Wednesday 12th September.
The Club still needs to complete some more work to confirm what it needs to do with its building and how that will be funded before the report is finalised.

Deputy Mayor Keys explains that if the preferred option of continuing on the current Pembroke Street site is not viable for the Club then a new aquatic facility is likely to become the preferred option.  If this is the case then a full community consultation will need to be undertaken.
“Council would need to make sure that they have robustly consulted with the entire Carterton community before proceeding with a new facility. It certainly is an exciting prospect, but the community have to support it.”