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If you want to change a service from GOOD TO BAD, you need to Right-click (ctrl-click PC, cmd-Click Mac) on the “{service name} GOOD” module, and then choose DISABLE from the menu that pops up. NOTE: DON’T CHOOSE DISABLE GLOBAL, just DISABLE.

When you click disable, you’ll get 3 icons of mobile/ipad/desktop. Click each to make them red – this will hide this module on all platforms!

Now, right-click on the “{service name} BAD” module and choose ENABLE and essentially do the reverse: make each of the 3 icons active.

If you need to, double click the BAD module (or click on its 3-stacked-lines icon) to edit the text to match what the actual emergency/restriction is!

And if you’re going from BAD -> GOOD, obviously just disable the first and enable the second!

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