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Tuesday 2nd May

7.30pm – 9.30pm

Carterton Events Centre

Hurunui-o-Rangi Room

Upgrading our wastewater treatment plant is one of the most significant projects the Council has undertaken for a very long time.

The aim of the upgrade is to treat and dispose the town’s wastewater to minimise adverse effects on the environment, including the optimised use of Council’s Daleton Farm property.

We’re holding a further information evening for anyone who is interested in the details of what we’re planning to do. Come along to hear and ask questions about the project.

Part of the upgrade is the use of storage technology new to New Zealand. This will allow us to stop discharging treated wastewater to the Mangatārere Stream in all but very high flows. We’re pleased to be doing our bit to make our rivers more swimmable. And we’re keen to talk about it to anyone who’s interested! So come along.